Due to the generosity of its donors and benefactors, the Seminary maintains several scholarship funds to assist qualified applicants demonstrating genuine financial need and/or the criteria outlined for merit-based awards. Scholarship funds may be restricted to tuition or to room and board. In special circumstances, scholarships may be applied to all charges.

As a result of our recent accreditation, students at the Seminary now qualify for third-party scholarships and are encouraged to apply.

Students should be aware that, although the Seminary is an accredited institution and therefore eligible to enroll in Title IV funding, it is declining to do so at this time. For this reason, students applying to the Seminary are not eligible for federal financial aid programs.

All recipients of financial aid will be subject to regular review. A lack of commitment to the Seminary’s program of study, poor academic performance, misconduct, immorality, or any behavior or communication inconsonant with the Christian ideals of trust, gratitude, and excellence will be possible grounds for termination of a scholarship and the dismissal of a student.

Those wishing to apply for any of the Seminary-sponsored scholarships listed below or to learn of the requirements and restrictions should contact the Seminary Registrar, Gabrielle Asgarian, at: registrar0@*spotsl.$edu. The Application for Financial Aid may be downloaded by clicking here.

St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary Scholarship Fund

A general scholarship fund established to assist qualified seminary applicants demonstrating financial need with tuition.

The Gombos Orthodox Christian Foundation Scholarships

This charitable foundation has established a scholarship fund to assist qualified seminary applicants demonstrating financial need with tuition or room and board or, in special circumstances, tuition and room and board.

Holy Archangel Michael Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael Gombos, Sr. dreamed of one day having an active parish life in the Archangel Michael Mission in Bakersfield, CA. He recognized however that a lack of priests was problem throughout the majority of country and especially the West Coast. He essentially helped found the Seminary as an effort to systemically help provide a long-term solution to “making priests” while also help fill the void in his own local parish and community. This scholarship fund is specifically focused on honoring his hopes for more priests in the parish and mission communities of the Diocese of Etna and Portland.

Memory Eternal!

St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund established in honor of the great Wonderworker, John of Shanghai and San-Fransisco. May he intercede for all of us!

St. Seraphim the Wonderworker of Sofia Scholarship Fund

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, a fund has been established in honor of St. Seraphim the Wonderworker of Sofia to provide occasional funds to help meet tuition and other study related needs for students either entering or already enrolled in the St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Holy Ascension Parish Scholarship Fund

The Holy Ascension of Christ Church in Rochester, New York, has generously established a scholarship Fund to help meet tuition and other study-related needs for students either entering or enrolled in the St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary. Married students seeking aid with their housing and family expenses may also apply.

Sts. Faith, Hope, Love, and Sophia Married Student Memorial Scholarship Fund

A scholarship restricted to cover tuition payments of a married student who is willing to serve the church in either a future clerical or an educational capacity following graduation. The one of the donors, who wish to remain anonymous, has three young three young children, and are thus especially hopeful for the Seminary as a means of training the future generations of priests and Sunday school teachers. The scholarship was founded by the lead gift was given in memory of their newly reposed mother Lubov.

Memory Eternal!

St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary is grateful for all of its donors and benefactors who have contributed to the listed scholarship funds. None of the Seminary scholarship funds is endowed and all are dependent on the generous ongoing support of our benefactors.

We pray for God’s continued blessing on all who have contributed in support of our mission to ensure that any qualified student be afforded the opportunity to attend the Seminary.

Those interested in supporting an existing, or initiating a new, scholarship fund should contact Alexei Bushunow at: development@spots=.Yschool